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About the Embassy

The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Budapest is an official representation of the Republic of Slovenia in Hungary and in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The main tasks of the Embassy are:

•establishing and maintaining regular contacts with Hungarian and Bulgarian state institutions and their official representatives;

•providing information on Slovenia and on the possibilities of cooperation in fields of common interest, as well as guaranteeing conditions for the strengthening of cooperation;

•providing regular information to Hungary and Bulgaria on Slovenia’s positions, development and interests, and likewise providing regular and up-to-date information to Slovenia on Hungarian and Bulgarian positions on issues in Hungary’s interest;

•providing information on the possibilities of economic cooperation in Hungary and Bulgaria to legal and natural persons in Slovenia;

•monitoring Hungarian and Bulgarian media reporting on Slovenia and establishing contacts with journalists;

•maintaining and creating contacts with the Slovenian minority in Hungary;

•offering consular help to the Slovenian minority and citizens in Hungary and Bulgaria.