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Mr Simon Konobelj, Minister Plenipotentiary

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Good neighbourly and friendly relations between the Republic of Slovenia and Hungary are expressed by the frequent and dynamic political dialogue between and by the diversified cooperation on areas of common interest. This is confirmed by a number of official visits and meetings on the highest levels of governments, as well as consultations on timely bilateral, international and European topics.

The in-depth dialogue and regular officials visits is maintained by the Presidents of the Republics and the Presidents of the National Assemblies.

Three joint Slovenian and Hungarian government sessions were held: the first in 2007 in Lendava (Slovenia) and Monošter (Hungary); the second in 2009 in Keszthely (Hungary) and the third in 2016 in Brdo pri Kranju (Slovenia).

The development of crucial infrastructrues and the energy connectivity of the region, as well as intensive economic and cross-border cooperation, cultural exchanges and cooperation in the field of tourism is is our common goal.

The Republic of Slovenia and Hungary are furthermore connected by their membership in the EU and NATO. Our joint goal is a successful, economically strong and safe Europe, as well as an effective defence mechanism within the NATO alliance. The countries share a vision for the safety and stability of the region and support the euro-atlantic aspirations and integration of the countries of South-eastern Europe.

The two national minorities are an important connecting element. The Republic of Slovenia and Hungary established an exemplary cooperation in the field of minority protection and by providing a development perspective to the Slovene national minority in Hungary and the Hungarian national minority in the Republic of Slovenia.

 In 2017 the two countries celebrated the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Hungary was opened in 1992. Since 1998 there is a General Consulate in Monošter / Szentgotthárd.