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Information on travel application "Enter Slovenia"

The Slovenian Police has launched a travel application called "Enter Slovenia" to facilitate travel to and from the country for those who intend to travel to Slovenia, to transit through or to leave the country on the basis of an exemption from travel restrictions.

The use of Enter Slovenia is not mandatory. The application serves as an aid to make it easier to understand the exemptions provided by the Government in its Ordinances.

Once you click on the application, it leads you step by step through the purpose of your travel and the exemptions, which are explained in detail. It also tells you which documents you need to demonstrate that you qualify for an exemption and which documents you need to present on entry.

After selecting the purpose of travel, you enter your personal details and a PDF form is created, which can be printed or saved on your (mobile) device. The form (in paper or electronic format) is then ready to be presented at border checks or at checks inland, which will make the procedure easier and faster.

The details entered in the application are not compared, checked against databases or saved. Instead, they are automatically deleted once a PDF form has been created.

The application is available in Slovene and in English.
Link:  https://www.policija.si/enterslovenia/en

For most recent information on changes introduced by the ordinance, entry requirements, details on exempt categories, and updates on red list of countries see also the government web site Border Crossing.